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  • How do I order a grazing box, platter or board?"
    Use our online ordering platform to place your order! Start by selecting your grazing box, platter or board of choice,and any other item you would like (being sure to check the box next to the item) then fill in all required information. Special dietary requests or preferences such as... No Blue Cheese Please! can be included in the "Special Requests "box... we do want to know so please tell us! (Please see Question 4 below about allergies and preferences). Hit Submit and we will contact you within 24 hrs . See our Order form for full details You may also call Michelle by phone at 970-524-7150 or email her at if you need assistance.
  • How far in advance do I need to place my order?
    As soon as you know your date! We recommend a 2 day advance notice to ensure availability;We are closed Sundays & Mondays Orders with less than 24 hr notice cannot be filled at this time.
  • Can you accomodate my dietary requests or allergies?
    Our Grazing Boxes come in a classic style with some options available for some dietary preferences. Due to the very nature of Grazing Boxes and the costs attached to them, there are limits to what we can reasonably provide for customizations. We of course do our best to fulfill your wishes, however, availability of resources, the time it requires to do additional sourcing and the cost frame attached to the different boxes play a significant role in this. So, the answer to this question is: yes…and no. As far as dietary requests are concerned, we have provided options to fill the needs of certain dietary preferences. (See these on the order/check out page) As far as allergies are concerned, we are unable to provide any guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur at our licensed commercial kitchen and therefore highly recommend that anyone with concerns about allergies not consume our products.
  • Are you a licensed food provider?
    Yes we are licensed. Our commercial kitchen is in compliance with both state and county laws. We have been in business since 1992.
  • Are you taking extra precautions to guard against Covid-19?
    Absolutely! We comply completely with our state and local government mandates. Please see our “Commitment to Safety” HERE
  • How big are your portion sizes?
    We often get asked this question, and to be honest there are different variables that determine the answer to your question! Our Grazing options are designed to offer a nice appetizer before a meal, or a snack, pick me up or as an Apres Ski nosh when you get off the mountain. With that being said,numerous clients will purchase a larger option if they want to use the Grazer for a stand alone dinner. Of course as with any self serve style food it really does depend on the individuals consuming the food. Some folks are heartier eaters than others, men will typically eat more than women, teenage boys ..well, do I need to say more about that, lol? Therefore a box that says it serves 6 could be a light portion or a more substantial portion. We respect that our clients know their "food audience" and with some guidance will select the right size grazing option for their event. We are more than happy to offer suggestions. I hope this is helpful! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at
  • How do you deliver your boxes?
    From the moment our boxes are prepared they are refrigerated. We load them into coolers within 15 minutes of our delivery vehicle leaving our shop. They are kept at the proper temperature during deliveries. We highly recommend you keep your Grazers refrigerated until 40 minutes before serving so that your cheeses will be close to room temperature for enyoyment. For the highest quality and freshness, they are best eaten within 8 hrs of delivery. If kept refrigerated and covered, our boxes can be kept for up to 24 hrs from delivery - however freshness and quality begin to be compromised if they are allowed to sit too long.
  • Can I cancel my order and get a refund?
    We are unable to give refunds on our Grazing Boxes. Payment is due when ordering and at that time we schedule you into a time slot for sourcing the materials for your special Box/es. You will also be placed on our Pick-up or Delivery schedule. The only time we offer a partial refund is when an order is made well in advance and is cancelled 14 days before the day of pickup/delivery.
  • Do you ship your Grazing Boxes?
    Due to the nature of Grazing boxes we are unable to ship them. Here are the reasons why: The food is time sensitive and requires refrigeration. They need to be handled with care which... well need I say more about the methods available for shipping today. Then there is the cost. So, our boxes are available for pickup and delivery within Eagle County, CO. With that being said, we are more than happy to take orders from anywhere if you would like to arrange a time to pick them up at our location in Gypsum, Colorado!
  • Is there a minimum order amount?
    On certain items there is a quantity requirement. There is also a "pickup only" option for certain items.
  • What payment options do you offer?
    We offer Venmo, or Square at this time. Please note that we will provide your payment invoice at time of our confirming your order. Also no order is finalized until full payment is secured.
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