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        What are Grazing Boxes?

     Grazing boxes & boards are hand crafted and carefully designed food boxes and boards containing items such as Charcuterie style meats, Crudités, Cheese, Fruit, Nuts, Olives and various accoutrements artfully styled and placed in a portable disposable container. They are filled with a variety of little bites  intended to be enjoyed straight from the box however removable boards or platters can be used and easily lifted from out of the box to elevate the dining experience. Typically they are eaten  as a pick me up, snack, light or more hearty appetizer to complement dinner or as dinner itself..The Boards and platters are a wonderful addition to any special entertaining event.(Please see our FAQ #6) Each board is a little unique to itself. Within the selections we offer there will be differences based on local availability, size of board and any personal add-ons or substitutes. We also try our best to tweak our boards to a reasonable degree for personal preferences. Prices vary depending on selections. We also offer Grazing Boards, platters and fun/gorgeous grazing tables. See our description for tables in the Menu page.

Grazing Boxes are best kept cool (refrigerated) and consumed within 4-6 hours after delivery/pickup.They do hold up reasonablely well for 24-36 hrs if kept refrigerated and sealed. Please see our FAQ #7 Paragraph 2 for additional information.

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Vegetarian and GF options available upon request!


***Our products are not prepared in an allergen free environment. Anyone with serious food allergies should refrain from consuming our products.***

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