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Mountain Pine Grazing Co.

by Michelle New

What is a Mountain Pine Grazing Box, Platter, Table, or Board?

      A delicious, hand curated and carefully designed collection of cheeses, cured meats, fresh and dried fruits,  some veggies, nuts, olives, pickles, one or more of the following:  honey, jam, dip or spread. All placed on a platter, board or directly in a box to be enjoyed as an appetizer or snack.

    Each item is selected and artistically arranged to offer not only a feast for the eyes but a fun adventure in new combinations of little bites of flavor. It’s like a fun food treasure hunt! 

     Whether you require a show-stopping centerpiece for your next gathering, large or small, or there's that special couple's anniversary coming up and how nice it would be to send them a unique gift, Mountain Pine Grazing Co. will design a carefully thought out and beautifully arranged Grazing Box/Platter or Board to fit the occasion.



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A message from Michelle New

        Welcome to our site! We are glad you are here. Mountain Pine Grazing Co offers catering services along with our excellent Grazing options!

Our food is fresh, delicious and ranges from the elegant to home style.

Our Grazing boards and tables are beautiful, filled with amazing designs and delectable cheeses, meats and seasonal accoutrements. Our Grazing tables are so popular and are customer designed to meet your needs!

Take a moment to browse the menu page for more details about our grazing options and come on over to our catering website and enjoy the endless food picture and videos provided.


With Kind Regards,

Michelle New

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Why Graze?


Après Ski Treats

Gift Boxes


Date Nights

Owner Michelle New

"The best!  We’ve worked with Michelle for years and everything we have tried is amazing.  Very pleased that she is able to accommodate GF dietary restrictions.  Highly recommend."

- Jesse Garcia, owner of Leatherman of Vail Valley

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